If you are a submissive female, you are likely to be chastised

It was back in 1881, when a relationship is only declared sacred when they are coercively binded or otherwise married.

‘Love’ a topic so short for her to gobble; in a tender age paved way into the tunnel where love was enforcement, a contract and a means to an end. Child marriage, domestic violence and sexual exploitation are ways of succumbing the minority and the submissive which date back far before 1881. This year was just reconciliation to a movie I recently watched on which the title exacerbates itself. Also with a tinch of reality other than supernatural thriller. ‘Bulbbul’ has a filled me with fear especially pointing to the scene where patriarchy completely smashes the ideal of humanity. I am not a thorough feminist but dominance has always been at the opposite end of my personality. I want to remark at few things before I doze off.

If you are submissive female, you are likely to be chastised but if you are unassertive and compliant in general, you will definitely be taken advantage of.

It was that punch line of a ted talk I was watching a month ago which clobbered me ‘you live in a world where you are being reprimanded for just being nice’. Ironic but true and unfathomable. How is this possible but the humans shades are not complaint to each other dear.

I sometimes wonder, is this the god’s plan or the receipts just got mixed. Though, I cannot be a monk and advice on attaining nirvana but the way you treat other humans is attractive and will land you with partners that you always fetishized about. This is a deal, so take it.

I am also unfurling the routes that my life in a role of a human has to offer but the way I walk through it will be circumstantial and within my control. So why will I not convince myself to dig miracles rather than plasma.

Hemophobia has taken me back, I give credits to the 2018 YouTube original series ‘origin’ (a bad segue but a great recommendation, sometimes it’s fabulous to not boast how your vocabulary has just buffed over time).

Those who are trying to condemn other than professionals or experts (exceptions: whoever the fuck you are, mind your language, because that is impactful and remorseful) take that in, breath, analyse it and the next breath out will be your informative critique on that.

Coming back, patriarchy has been flourishing since 4000 BCE and kudos to activism and artists, there has been a setback but the ripple effect is feeble. Let that proportion be left out because there are more heroic protagonists to make that a possibility.

Remember, even your niche can bring discomfort, and definitely not on your call.

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