Recently, I participated in an online MUN (Covid got me thinking, is this surreal and I know the dates, just don’t want to relieve those moments in pages, pardon for in discrepancy). But that experience turned out to be pretty sensational.

You know how diplomacy chews emotions and throws out rationality and logics. However, what intrigued me that students of grade 10 were dipped into narcissism, gauging the reactions and portraying a behaviour which was deeply remarking, how leaving the course of collectively and comprising yourself with emotions that have no idea what the other person goes through was very evident on the days of my conference.

Self obsession is a term that bumps into me every now and then. I enjoy watching and passing mental judgments on individuals who are into them 24/7. The country I represented was Russian federation and my fellow delegates were more consciously aware than me and were passing apprehensions during every unmoderated caucus, which was inspiring. Moreover, there was a delegate with the country allotment of USA.

There is a high possibility that the moderators expected me to be a narc and I certainly wanted to act like that to manage enough attention and get closer to the awards. But when I did watch other delegates acting like one which provoked me to listen rather than disperse my idea. I surely stroked back and served already spoken or predicts stories.

Narcissism is an ideology that precisely describes the negative sides of human or perversely compliments the human shades. Chanakya’s Arthashastra can be an instrument in directing a human to a path where one will not turn back to the created normal. Narcissism was intently a part of me earlier; a bad thing can direct you to self evaluation or convulse you to possess foolish sentiments that can be gripping and later difficult to detangle yourself.

Lastly, if narcissism was a person, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and one of every 7 billion people would fit in the character greatly. Some may contain it while some may throw it off and never embellish it.