What should you do when you have nothing to do?

Sleep, read to kill a mocking bird, watch peaky blinders, search ted talks, write in your journal, spit on thesis and a lot more productivity hacks that can deviate your mind and the very reason why I am writing this. Though, I have work to incline my attention to but escapism is essential but prioritizing my tasks and escalating my habits is also precious. I certainly have to add that you can switch to Youtube if you expect this to be yet another streak creating or being productive at all costs sort of an article. Half of you may leave and some may stay but all you must remember is there’s nothing you should do when you have nothing to do.

Spirituality and consciousness are intriguing concepts for real and for that sake I have turned from being puerile to ecstatic and self-aware. Shout out to Sigmund Freud’s Thoughts for the Times on War and Death (1915) and his statement that cites “It is not until all these vicissitudes to which instinctual impulses are subject have been surmounted that what we call a person’s character is formed, and this, as we know, can only very inadequately be classified as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. A human being is seldom altogether good or bad; he is usually ‘good’ in one relation and ‘bad’ in another, or ‘good’ in certain external circumstances and in others decidedly ‘bad’. It is interesting to find that the pre-existence of strong ‘bad’ impulses in infancy is often the actual condition for an unmistakable inclination towards ‘good’ in the adult. Those who as children have been the most pronounced egoists may well become the most helpful and self-sacrificing members of the community; most of our sentimentalists, friends of humanity and protectors of animals have been evolved from little sadists and animal-tormentors.” Is one of the tormenting yet complimentary things I have every read. It’s quite treacherous how my insecurities just got heightened.

Sitting and acting aloof is beneficial until certain mental anomalies don’t hit you. When I was doing nothing and thinking while gauging the number of flies that my wall hanging had attracted have brought enormous amount of revelations which was eye-opening and soothing to my impenetrable wounds. Writing in a not-so archaic manner with times new roman as an archetypical font does not give me any highs than thinking and complete evaluation of my life can. So, remember gender binaries and unconventional generals, do nothing when you have nothing to do. It can be an apostle of evading wonders.

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