Why the flawed are the gods?

Apart from magic spell, a conformist vision and chic attire lets masses to follow you and yet you end up creating miseries and differences that are conspicuous. After reading why I am an atheist by Bhagat Singh, transformation and a sense of intellectual resuscitation was visible in the way I contemplated after viewing the supreme being (with this I say that whoever claims to be one, whether noticeable or imperceptible). War is inevitable and apart from these condoning situations, whoever brings out the emotion of solidarity in humans pretend to be the one who can put the flames of annihilation out of sight or lest condense it. But, I say why somebody with mere words and empathy embraces the throne when the criteria’s of being a god is slightly varied. I cannot answer that because traditionalist vision has relied on putting off curiosity because some questions can never be answered. A mere state of hypocrisies conditions our mind to be content with the ordinary. So, I ask why the flawed are the gods when the flawed needs to be a little less flawed to lead a bunch of flaws. Here arrive the omniscient power of votes and how a broken system can elect a more flawed individual who lead insecurities and live in the midst of competition. I ask why the flawed are the gods when the disingenuous are more than the backstreet boys. I ask why the flawed are the gods when the distinction between the affluent and the indecent living standards strike the highest. Unreal, unprecedented and unsupportive clashes harm the masses that follow the ways by which a flawed god resides his intellect on. Examples of a flawed god is evident everywhere. An educational hoodlum where the seats for admission are seventy thousand and the applicants are more than three lakh. Also, the prestige the institution holds is remarkable and the only system that can lend you a highly regarded standard of living along the lines where another flawed god implies that is the society. So, I ask once again why the flawed are the gods and the impressionable that condemn the imperfections are put behind bars. Some say that engaging in politics is a way that goes against the renewed philosophy of Epicureanism, but this unreal and non-encompassing definition of politics involves none. Whereas politics is evident everywhere even on the table you eat, bed you sleep and the mind you think. A discourse and a way of deliberation will only dethrone the ones who proclaim themselves as gods.



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Kaushiki Ishwar

Carving the most winsome & cunning perspectives on societies everywhere, explore an idiosyncratic girl on instagram.com/kaush.ikii